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Welcome to Atelier Lychee, the home of design- a store that makes your home colorful with its wall decals!

We are a young family of designers and illustration artists working together to create a shop full of joy for you. 

We create inspiration for homes by connecting our artistic work to create different wall decals for families around the world.

We offer the ultimate solution to everyone who wants to create a more beautiful life.

How do you want your house to look? Classic, modern or an creative mix of the two? Well, we bring you the latest wall decoration design ideas you can imagine. We have the most recent information and skill sets to help you enhance, renovate, and entertain with style.

Our wall decals are easy to install- which saves you time. Above all, they are a cheaper option compared to coloring. The collection for children is already available on the website. Soon, we would launch more collections for other parts of your house.



We are passionate about your kids' happiness. Through our work, we help your kids with an imaginative transition as they go to bed, take a shower, learn about new colors, different jobs, or love for animals.

We believe in the positive power of art, and this is the motive behind our designs, which provides a fresh, spirited, and fun feeling for your kids. 

A majority of our designers are parents who understand what it takes to give a child a proper upbringing. This plays an essential role in our creativity while making these illustrations as we pay attention to the psychology of colors for children and improving their imaginations.



We are soon launching wall decals for your living rooms, kitchens, and even the washrooms. We would be with you all the way, helping you make your home even more beautiful.



Our first collections are comprised of kids decorations and sleeping room stickers. All can be altered to your requests and can even be personalized to include the name of your baby! All you need to do is to write the name you want to be printed on the sticker in between " ", at the end of the order in 'Special instructions for sellers.'

For example, "Ellen". We'll do the rest for you.



Atelier Lychee believes we should all live in a house we love. Through our designers, we are committed to making it possible for our customers to quickly and easily turn their houses into a beauty using our artistic work. We are out here to reinvent how our customers visualize their homes.



Atelier Lychee is a reputable enterprise whose operations are built on four core values:

  • Persistence – Our team of designers work with patience, tirelessly and endlessly, to create unique decal designs that bring a novel feeling to our clients.

  • Transparency – We put on integrity in our operations; we observe high standards of accountability and honesty in our designing process.

  • Excellence – We have raised the bar in the design game and set the standards for consistency in the execution of our duties, and would continue to build on this each passing day.

  • Commitment – Your satisfaction is our priority. That's why we promise a steadfast commitment to deliver exceptional creative designs that give your house a new visual dimension.



The founder and artistic director of Atelier Lychee, Zeynab Biglari Pour, obtained her master's degree in Visual Arts. Working for a couple of years as a graphic designer inspired her to follow her passion for design by initiating this web-shop.

A different illustration artist designs each of our collections, which allows us to guarantee our customers’ constant originality and innovation. All stickers are custom-printed in Belgium in line with European standards. We use only the highest quality vinyl, ink, and printing machines.


  • Stickers are white, have a thickness of 150um and are of a polymer quality.
  • Polymer stickers are of higher quality than monomer stickers, they shrink less and are therefore also suitable for long-term use.
  • The stickers have a high-gloss finish and the adhesive layer is transparent.
  • The inks used are UV, waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • A sturdy matt laminate is applied on one side to your product. This gives extra protection to your product against scratches and moisture. Matte laminate has a matte, satin-like finish. An additional finish affects the final colors, so there may be a color difference.