Before applying one of our stickers, take a few minutes to check out the instructions below. We’ve also included a few handy tips to help you make the most of your Atelier Lychee wall decal.



If the walls in your home have recently been painted, it is essential that you wait three weeks before applying one of our stickers.

Our small wall decals can be easily installed by a single person. When applying a larger sticker, however, it is best to enlist the help of a friend.

If you aren’t installing your wall decals right away, they should be stored in a dry room with a temperature between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. No sticker should not be left in storage for more than six weeks.

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing wall decals and kids stickers with interchangeable and removable parts. Be sure to keep an eye out for these prints as they are perfect for those looking to nurture creativity in their children.

On rare occasions, air bubbles form on our stickers during delivery. These bubbles will not affect the application of the wall decal and are nothing to be concerned about.



Begin by smoothing out the sticker to eliminate any air bubbles which may have developed in shipping. Some people use their hands for this, but we include a plastic scraper with each order to streamline the process.

Place the wall decal against your chosen surface, but do not remove the backing paper just yet. Instead, hold it in position with a strip of sticky tape on each corner.

Run a longer strip of tape across the middle of the wall decal. This will hold it in place as you remove the smaller pieces of tape.

Once you’re happy with the positioning of the wall decal, remove the tape from the top corners. This will cause the top half of the mural to fall forward, revealing the backing paper.

Carefully peel the top half of the sticker from the backing paper. Use a pair of scissors to separate the now unnecessary backing paper from the remaining backing paper on the bottom half.

Press the top half of the wall decal to your chosen surface, flattening it out to prevent creases. We suggest running a towel or lint-free cloth over the sticker to ensure a firm connection.

Step 7
Remove the long strip of tape from the middle of the wall decal and repeat the above steps with the bottom half of the sticker.



To create a painted-on effect, try running a hair dryer over your sticker once it has been installed. Be sure to keep the hair dryer on its lowest setting, however, as extreme heat may damage the decal.



When removed, a sticker may leave unsightly residue on the wall it was attached to. This depends on variables such as paint, stucco, and temperature. Atelier Lychee cannot be held responsible for any damages sustained when removing our wall decals.